American Polish Lowland
Sheepdog Association

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The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc.,is a 501 (c) 3
Public Charity
national Polish Lowland Sheepdog club. It's goal is for members to  have FUN, while providing Polish Lowland Sheepdog owners and PON breeders information about the breed, PON buying information,training,dog activities,sharing,and more. It is different than any other Polish Lowland Sheepdog club. We recognize that the majority of PON owners are pet owners who do not want to show or breed. Our goal is to provide opportunities for Polish Lowland Sheepdog owners and PON breeders to get together, and while having fun, learn about the breed and the many activities the PON owners are, and would like to be involved in. We want to share our experiences and support one another in any way we can. We also want to share a wealth of information about the breed.  Of course, we would also like you to  share your amazing stories about the breed whether they be well-behaved or "naughty"!
A quarterly electronic newsletter will keep everyone connected through pictures and articles contributed by the members, and will also include information from the Board.  The Board of Directors made up of knowledgable and experienced PON breeders as well as dedicated PON pet owners  is proud to invite you to become a part of the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc., which is planning to do all of the above and more. This  concept of a Polish Lowland Sheepdog club was founded to be different. The APLSA, as we are also known, will be charitable, educational, protective of the breed,and will provide a positive social environment.
The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc., is affiliated with no particular group or any other Polish Lowland Sheepdog club. Belonging to more than one club is no problem with us. We are planning to independently co-ordinate picnics, Association activities,  and other fun and exciting events so owners and breeders everywhere will know where they can get together to have FUN with their dogs at all kinds of events.When people think of a Polish Lowland Sheepdog club, they too often think of just showing and breeding.  We will encourage our members to recognize the breed as multi-talented , unique, adaptive, and can do just about anything any dog can do.  So let's join together and take this journey having fun and encouraging one another every step of the way!
We have established a page on facebook!  Whether you are an Association member or not, and we hope you will become a member, join us on Facebook to meet fellow PON owners,  who just like you, think of your PON as no less than a family member!
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Visit our other two sites to learn even more about the breed as well as help in picking out a good puppy and a responsible breeder.


There are many activities (click on any activity to the left to learn more) in which you as  pet owners and PON breeders can excel. PON breeders should know of these opportunities and help their PON puppy  buyers learn more about them.Join along with those already experiencing these activities and have great


The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association, Inc.  is a welcoming association and welcomes  all PON owners and Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeders who are willing to adhere to the Constitution and Bylaws of the APLSA,and follow the Code of Ethics and Conduct. Being a member of this Association  is a privilege and not a right. You must fill out an application for membership. You must also sign an agreement  to follow the Constitution and Bylaws as well as the Code of Ethics and Conduct. We are looking for volunteers to chair committees and committee members to work with them.  This Association is one in which all members will have the opportunity to take part .   So visit the membership page and  print out a membership application and join us today! MEMBERSHIP